Our Services


Spotify Playlist Marketing

Artist Formula makes it easy to grow your audience by increasing your exposure on Spotify! With our exclusive Spotify partners, we’re able to find the best playlists on Spotify and get personalized suggestions of playlists that best match your genre of music for reviews and possibly placed in some of the most popular playlists on Spotify with the intent of reaching a much larger audience. Spotify playlists are currently the biggest drivers of traffic in the music industry, Spotify playlist marketing is becoming one of the most essential music business services out there. Artist Formula does not guarantee placements to submitted playlists. Playlist additions are entirely at the discretion of each individual playlister. 


Publicity services plays a significant role in the careers of new and established artists in the business.  The Artist Formula philosophy is to curate a one of a kind press service that exceeds the expectations of our clients. With a network of more than 2,000+ national media contacts, the Artist Formula staff can quickly and effectively communicate information surrounding any entertainment event or artist-related project. 

Music rights

We make it easy for independent artists, writers, and publishers to set up, manage, and deliver songs, recordings, and release information to the rights, metadata, and business enterprises that power billions of music-related transactions every year. Streamline your music administration. Protect your copyrights. We’re a one-stop music registration to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, Harry Fox Agency, Music Reports Inc., Loudr, Gracenote, TiVo, MediaNet, Crunch Digital, Audible Magic and more. You retain 100% of your rights and 100% of your royalties. 


Consulting sessions consist of our expert team researching and analyzing your career and providing information on how to be more successful in the music industry and provide insight on the artists next steps. Topics of consultation include valuable information such as booking/touring, social media presence, press coverage, the artist’s image, industry relations, and more. 


Artist Formula has solidified partnerships with experienced radio related partners, enabling us to perform comprehensive radio campaigns for over 38 different genres in all formats, including Sirius XM. Our relationships ensure your music not only gets sent to the right recipients, but we get it into all the systems you need it to be. These partnerships simplify distribution to vital systems including Soundmouse, Mediabase, and IFPI. All content is protected by an inaudible watermark that uniquely identifies each recipient. Getting your music to the right people, in the system they trust, enables your promotional efforts to pay off. We’re able to reach the decision makers that need to hear your music - not just anyone or everyone. 

Live performances [Clubs & festivals]

Artist Formula has the most extensive, comprehensive, up-to-date database of festivals, fairs, colleges, and clubs in North America. We wrap this data around technologically, current tools and resources relevant to the professional exhibiting artist, musician, and band. 26,000+ festivals, art shows, art and craft shows, music festivals, and other events. We’re able to submit your information for performance consideration, and with enough lead time, route a tour. 

Music Licensing

Artist Formula will reach out on your behalf and submit your music for licensing opportunities. We’ve developed relationships with music licensing companies and distribution systems that offers you end-to-end service. We get your music to the people who matter in TV, film, videogames, and beyond. Maximize your promotional efforts with detailed data on how recipients engage with your content. Know who has and who hasn't listened to it. We currently have over 450 licensing partners who will receive your submissions!


Submit your music to most major awards shows, including The GRAMMYS™, The Golden Globes, The Emmys, The MTV VMAs, The Academy of Country Music Awards, and The JUNOS™.