About Artist Formula

Deep in an underground lab, a musician and an artist manager came together to figure out how to best provide rewarding and valuable services in the over saturated and filthy music business... a way to blend the best music business services one can to help move a band or an solo artists career forward. The end result, is Artist Formula.com. We pride ourselves doing business nobly, with the intention of working with clients transparently, keeping expectations realistic, and doing good-ol' honest hard work with our industry partners and clients, keeping the music business universe intact. With our savy partners and smarts, we've summoned a business entity where an artist can actually get some f#%cking affordable music industry services.

Who better to know than this  music industry sh#t storm than Artist Formula co-founder, Tyler Boone, a talented musician and a veteran in the industry.  He's been through the mill with publicists, marketing companies, radio promo teams, you name it. During his experiences, he's seen the best and worst of these companies, and through the muck found a way... a good middle ground, on how business should be run. In comes Sean Carpenter, former indie-label manager and artist manager, to come in and use his hands on artist experience and label know-how to help move things forward. With their powers combined, after months of  preparation and testing, we believe we have assembled an entity to where we can create for each artist, in all genres, the proper Artist Formula.